Our resort is located in Navas de Estena, a village in the far northwest of the province of Ciudad Real, in the region known as Mountains of Toledo (Montes de Toledo), in the northern area of Cabañeros National Park, a wildlife paradise rich in flora and fauna. Navas de Estena is in a valley surrounded by mountains and, according to many people, this is the best placed town around in terms of scenic landscapes, with the highest peaks of the Montes de Toledo around us and enjoying some of the most forested and green areas of Cabañeros, as well as some of the most beautiful hiking routes in the Park.  Besides, there are a small reservoir and several rivers and creeks around for a refreshing splash in the summer.

Cabañeros was established as a National Park in 1995 and is regarded as the largest protected area of Mediterranean forest. Valleys and mountains mix together creating a landscape of remarkable beauty that is home to renowned species such as deers, wild boars, black vultures or the Iberian imperial eagle.

In fact, our resort is located right at the beginning of the well-known Boqueron del Estena Trail, a scenic walking path along the banks of the Estena River, full of nature and geology, with a great variety of trees and bushes as well as fossils.

Some other interesting hiking/biking trails are the Acebo Route, Los Reales-El Guali Route, the Castillazo Route, and El Espinar Route. Besides, there are scenic roads crossing the mountains and valleys of this region through unforgettable landscapes of breathtaking beauty.
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